Zaozhuang Tianyi and Shandong Ecloud Build The Intelligent Manufacture Together

来源:  发表时间:2018-02-27

In July 3, 2017, Bureau Yin Zhaoyong of Zaozhuang Shizhong science and technology department and chairman Fang Jingdong of Zaozhuang Tianyi Industry Co., Ltd., visited Shandong Ecloud Technology company.


In the promotion of Bureau Yin, Zaozhuang Tianyi Industry and Shandong Ecloud Technology signed a "strategic cooperation agreement", to build the the hydraulic hose industry intelligent factory project.


The project is based on the Internet of things, big data, intelligent control technology, based on hydraulic hose factory scene perception and Internet research, integrated technology of large data platform construction research, development and production operation intelligent monitoring and early warning technology, 6D Pro environment production operation technology key technology wisdom, to achieve real-time controllable production process data production, traceability, tracking product quality, and ultimately from the whole process of production planning, supply chain, production, inventory, logistics, sales and other intelligent control, intelligent factory to create a full range of integration.


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