SAE 100R17

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Application:                    High pressure hydraulic applications and to replace 100R1 where higher pressures and a more flexible hose is required.

Inner Tube:                    Nitrile

Reinforcement:             one braid of high-tensile steel wire(sizes 1/4",3/8"and1/2")and two braids of high-tensile steel wire(sizes 5/8",3/4"and1")

Cover:                            Black Neoprene Blend

Temperature Range:    -40°Fto 212°F(-40℃ to 100℃)

Applicable Standards:  SAE J517 R17,ISO 11237 R17

Branding:                       TIANYI G17-16-25mm 1" SAE J517 ISO 11237 W.P.21MPa(3050psi)MADE IN CHINA


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